OBS Studio - Ultimate Guide To Streaming To Twitch 2017 [BEST SETTINGS]

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FelixTheCat: I came here expecting to jump cut to where I thought I could use some more knowledge but your facial expressions and way of speaking literally hypnotized me into watching it all the way through. Genuinely good way of engaging your audience and teaching them, we need more passion in 'teachers' all over the US.

Odd anecdotes aside, fantastic guide with legitimate pieces of information for new streamers to have quality footage right from the get go. Keep it up my dude!

Matt K: This is the most well done and helpful vid I've seen on streaming, well done will be watching more of the tips and tricks :)

RealBabytVlogs: dude nice vid.. but less explaining..

eliel bergqvist: thanks for the vid it was super helpful

CadNOctober Show: logan paul wanna be

Ron Young: How can I simply record video and audio from a webinar? I know, I am dummm!

Pila Pila: when I start a test. bandwidth always fails

Dovregubben: He looks like a guy with people trapped in his basement.

Itz Wolfie: 4:00

Marrsz: My twitch is twitch.tv/marrsz

Let’s help each other out

Samu0733: Isnt it a bit nasty at start?

Hypnotic YT: for some reason, obs will not record my screen. Would you know why?

S MM: upvoted for actual good quality informative video - clear info - good paced talk - no "nonsense" - good coverage. 5 homemade stars

Sugar Sugar: Amazing man, helped me a lot to start with the whooooole thing. It's kind of confusing at first but after a couple of minutes (even hours maybe lol) it works fine. Thanks!

Thekingsilas: i only got a bandwidt on 850 is that good enough? pls anwer me :) thx

FlakeyJakey: Thanks amigo.

ViidGaming: Wont work for me, The screen is still black

SladeXeno2: So this may sound like two dumb questions, but how do you know if your stream is in a particular game and how do you add a title to your current stream? For example: Say I wanted to stream Overwatch and call my stream for the day "Playing Hanzo competitive for Charity event". How do I know that my stream is being shown in the Overwatch section of Twitch and how do I go about adding that title so people will know what it is that I am doing?

Journeyman Giorgi: Dude, awesome video! Thank you for the walk-through! :(

Sheikho: thank you so much

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✅ OBS Studio - Ultimate Guide to Streaming to Twitch 2017 [BEST SETTINGS] 5 out of 5

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