Knex MP5

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vdgef: Excuse me but I have tried to build it by video. I woud really like the instructions to be posted on Youtube.I've seen your updated one on instructables but I like this one better. Thank You.

Videolover101: whats up with you wearing gloves. this is not a nagative comment i just want to know why you always wera gloves

Steve Sandoval: damn what song is this!!

applez123456789: y u wearing gloves in this vid too?

Wesley Vos: plzz make some more instructions i have made your hk416 gun and i wanted a secondairy weapon and you dessert is the most awesome pistol i can find an youtube plzz make instructions

GUTHIX4EVER: I don't really know lol, I feel better showing my weapons with it? Feels professional? hehe

lukewilliams1994: this one is betta that one is like so chunky

falconpunch10: @theYellowplanet1 clint mansel - requiem for a dream

hatecia: @GUTHIX4EVER no i said ttht cause u was happy cuase u have a friend with a mp5

Pasta Salade: can u plz make an insturtion for the MP5A1!!

georgejelfs67: how to plz

Cutlerylover1: make a tut please

GUTHIX4EVER: @hatecia I don't really need to know about your personal life thanks, but that was a bit uncalled for...

Pasta Salade: that one is verry sucking dude!!! that u can call that real makes me sick!!

Pasta Salade: Can't make it i need a instruction!!!!!

Pasta Salade: I Need A Instuction!! I go Crazy!!

coolaclaim4: dude make some instructions please before i bite my nuts off

odin6616: i think someone plays too much COD 4

odin6616: you just have poor taste

JAB9JACK2: nice

hatecia: @GUTHIX4EVER and i own a pickle and how bout u?

odin6616: its alot better than this one even if its clip isn't removable

Ochaotic bear: @stevechen4444 Look at 1:15 srry for late reply

volatilesquid: me has a working knex SMG!

extondude: ive made it thanks for puting the vid on you tube and all credit goes to

tanner4848: well someones been playing a little too much cod

GUTHIX4EVER: Lol, you want me to look for a what you call a "REAL KNEX GUN". Well... I don't really need to because I have a friend that owns a real MP5 and I go to the shooting range with him sometimes.

odin6616: go on instructables and type in 'trauts mp5 knex gun'. that is a real knex mp5

gameguyARMZ: @GUTHIX4EVER tell you friend he is epic

Jimmy Ziegler: Put some cardboard around it and spray paint it black or just spray the knex black!

frog2487: i can make it fire i maked a lot of knex guns please post a tut

Pasta Salade: uuuuuhhmm...... NO!

TheYellowPlanet1: whats the song

Pasta Salade: u should make a laserlight an the MP5 and a Silencer!!!!

Knex MP5 4.4 out of 5

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