How To Make A Cheap Silencer For A Suffolk Lawn Mower Engine

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stubbenmonkey: i really like that i used to run a little honda generator to power lights in the shipon that would of made it a bit more bearable working

Felton Rolle: Love it! 

Reece Gilbert: Well, I did that with a 6HP Briggs and Stratton engine. It didn't work, you probably used that on like a 2 or 1 HP engine. That muffler only works up to a point.

scotty wilson: gonna laugh when that engines trash not enough exaust flow

BMAC VAGS: That is a winner

Zachary McReynolds: Someones a handyman inventionist. Thats actually pretty cool. Question if I were to do something like this with our lawn mower and say I wanted to mow some peoples lawns and I could at times during the day but say I couldn't but still wanted to do some at night. Would that not make the lawn mower as loud at night? Would it say just sound like someone's air conditioner or pool cleaner going off? Doesn't sound that loud or that racket;

blown46pwr: worked like a charm!

steamwally: Thats true, prehaps I should do that on the Wolseley, would make it very quiet indeed.

steamwally: Thank you. There are a lot of people out there with nothing better to do other than bitch and moan, so it's allways nice to receive a good comment. There was no power loss, an engine like this has such low power and compression anyway that you can almost completley block the exhaust port and they will still run.

steamwally: Hi there, The hose was just a push fit into the engines original silencer and the pipe soldered to the tin can. It was only intended to be used with the engine near or at tick over so it didn't need to be secured.

Pump It: Hey dude! Could I do this on my 80cc petrol bicycle motor???????

flooflox: Dramatic difference. Well done.

steamwally: It sure is effective!

mike26ice: nice job man! don't mind all the losers,they have nothing better to do

MrRabbitBlack: wouldn't it melt? :O

bryce995: @steamwally cool beans can i use this for my riding lawn mower and when you say sodder do you mean like wire sodder or pipe sodder!

steamwally: 540 videos and a very successful youtube channel. I've met many interesting people through youtube and the engine shows. I think I know who needs to get a life with the time to post a comment like that.

SilverCrestGamingHD: no it wont cause by the time the can "fills up" it will already go out the holes not giving enough time for the presure to build up

AntiqueEngineNut: How does the tube not melt????

David Gardner: @steamwally And great work on the silencer also. As an artist and tinkerer fixer upper, I really appreciate folks like you to give me ideas on how to deal with issues like that. I have an Atlas Powered Paraglider with a Fresh Breeze Motor unit and I fly as often as I can. I have worked on the motor several times for one reason or another, and this silencer gives me ideas. Thanks again!

Jasper's Garage: great job there. I think I should make an exhaust pipe for my front engined drift trike because all the smoke is going in my face. It needs to be flexible for when I steer, would you recomend a hose pipe or doesn't it cope too well with heat? thanks

steamwally: Well over here we call 'em silencers......

Calcutta151: Thats a nice hookah...for the gearhead. Good to be Kind to the neighbors.

David Gardner: @aaronzack14 Troll!

Kriswixx: sorry if this is answered, but where exactly did you attach that hose end to? using that instead of a muffler? thanks.

Terry Dosher: I like your pump set up what type engine is it

David Gardner: @steamwally Oh! Sorry my friend! I am so poor I don't have enough for postage for a post card to send across town. Less than dirt poor. Didn't mean to upset. just can't hear you on 2 parts of video. Love the video, I an always making things from scraps and trashed items. Or fixing stuff because I am so darned poor. Tell you what, when I strike it rich, I'll get you a professional setup! Gonna go look for some of that treasure now with a metal detector. Cheers!

steamwally: This was just a cheap bodge back in the day! Now I'm working if I did this again I'd buy steel flexy hose exhaust trunking and make it from that. When I made this, I was going off what ever I could scrounge, all the money went on buying engines.

TheToolReview .: Nice little build

MaxTheKanuck #JoinTheMasterRace: huh... well please enjoy the remainder of your life

steamwally: No worries mate, cheers!

steamwally: Indeed, had the engine been working hard then I would have done so, but my aim here was just to make it as quiet as possible with it ticking over, I think I achieved my goal. I got rid of this old engine a long time ago, it was just a boring old mower engine and I have moved on the better things....

Steven Hanglands: Isn't it strange that the people that have uploaded (contributed) the least are those that are the most critical of others work? If you have uploaded nothing, you shouldn't be able to comment on the work of others is my view. However... great video. The issue of noise is something I want to look at over the next year. I have found insulated exhaust hose, and want to try a partially passive/partially active exhaust scavenging system so I can run my engines in the garage. Thanks for the upload.

miles Hy: nice

William Seibert: you need bigger or more holes. i would drill more of the same size on the opposite side. its nice tho... very redneckerish. i like it

steamwally: Send some money this way and I'll get a better camera!

iiinsaiii: Nice, you just gave me an idea. I have an 6500 watt generator. And you just gave me an idea. I'm going to use your concept, and add to it.

92Shellshock: Very creative mate! :D

SuperKONR: Great idea, it really quiets er down! When I did this it melted the hose though lol!

ExplosiveDischarge: People need to stop hating on this video and APPRECIATE the clever aspect behind it. Nice video @steamwally :) like the idea of the silencer and it seemed really effective. was there any loss of power at all?

carlover4lyfe: get a life piece of crap leave him alone

enginelover1: So silent, good. Fit a 2 stroke chinese engine on that bicycle.

steamwally: An exhaust like this will never cause such a low stressed (frankly crap) engine like a suffolk to hey are just indestructable old beasts, boring but indestructable!

tendertears2001: I think your on to something there! I'll have to give it a try, you got my curiosity up! maybe use some metal flex hose or something. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go! awesome job

NightSociety: Homemade Engineering always better than University.

steamwally: something like

carlover4lyfe: leave him alone he made an awesome invention, you miserable freak

Bidone1967: Nice idea.

1960jeepguy: Wouldn't that create back pressure causing the engine to lose power

steamwally: Thanks!

How to make a cheap silencer for a suffolk lawn mower engine 4.3 out of 5

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How to make a cheap silencer for a suffolk lawn mower engine
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