Crash Course In WARFRAME - Ember

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ZushiWoshi: By utility, do you mean mods?

Mst3kfanatic1: So you're bashing a straight DPS frame for being...straight DPS?
Also on the Xbox One Ember has 100 armor which is par for the course except for Frames like Rhino and Excal. Or Valkyr who has 600 armor but like 10 shields.

I play with Ember when all I need is damage, for everything else there is Rhino

Also Ember and Nyx complement well, Ember is all damage and nothing else, Nyx is all CC and nothing else.

Banana: His Crash Course Videos are legendary. I wish he would still continue them. Warframe changed alot when I compare this video to nowadays Warframe.

Aigloblam: Oh i miss Old Ember.....She was so tanky and deadly and awesome. Now that they have gotten rid of Overheat, shes just a walking wall of damage. No sustainability to be found.

Leon Coleman: Um you must not be useing her prop. As mine kill everything. And  is my best frame

Annoying Killah: Is it just me or did Warframe 2013-2014 infested missions look much more darker and scarier ? :P

Oscar Walsh: Back then ember had OP abilities. Now theyve buffed her armour but nerfed her abilities.

Hugg: Ember or Saryn ?

StormCloud: Definately need to update this one, overheat has been replaced with accelerant, which in my opinion turns crowds into butter, if you knife has heat.

epiccthulu: he sounds like one of the 4kids tv anouncers for the anime they would show

goose guy: can you give them ratings out of ten

Mortis Thorne: I wish she still had that one where she sets herself on fire, does more than accelerant will ever do lol 

LunarSkyWolf7: I'm still lovin' my Ember though. Put a potato in her for 60 cap too.

AUGundam: I am very much of the belief that Hydroid was the result of an extremely raunchy night of lovemaking between Ember and Frost.

Braver Leech: You need to update a few of these

Tomoko Tanue: i will miss you overheat....puts ember back up on shelf ....without overheat there really isn't much point to using her...
looks at Valkyr ...pretty much the new overheat

Photanic: The good news is that now Ember does have a little bit of utility with Accelerant's radial stun and damage modifier, which also synergizes incredibly well with Fireblast to boot, and it doesn't feel like the game's picking on the out of shape kid by pretty much requiring her to run headlong into danger just to get the most out of the old World On Fire and the now-defunct Overheat, when she didn't have any speed or armor advantages to do it with in the first place.
Now she has two stuns (If you count the panic caused by Fireball), a fire damage amplifier to make all of her abilities hit harder (and probably weapons with fire mods, too, though I haven't checked it out yet), and World On Fire actually feels like you're setting the god damn world on fire, and not just Ember's personal space bubble.

Carl Rosenbaum: Boy has Ember changed since this was made.

VendictiveSoul: Dude u should hold auctions lol

Mr_LuckStruck: whos better ember prime or mag prime?

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Crash Course In WARFRAME - Ember 5 out of 5

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