Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove - Trioxane

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Donald: When using Trioxane, you need to get it as close to the object being heated as possible. A 1 inch minimum if possible. With this stove i've found the best way to use Trioxane in it is to cut a pop can in half flip the bottom upside down(to raise the fuel closer) and fill the indentation with a bit of dirt. Break the Trioxane into 3 chunks and stack onto the little dirt mound in the can. Trioxane will not burn correctly without that tiny bit of dirt/sand to rest on!

Doug Ramsey: Hiram: I have been able to convert the volcano stove allowing me to carry and burn esbit tablets. To overcome the problem of a the cork stopper subject  to mildew and aging by others suggesting on using a smaller $1.00 type metal water screw type stopper bottle with a 2 cup capacity, I use this now instead of the larger cork stop bottle. Using the smaller botte leaves a space gap when assembled.  I have been able to fill in 2 esbit tablets in the cup and a fancey feast empty can inverted to nest atop the woter bottle.  With the cup and 2 esbit tablets inside on a flat surface, I invert the other 3 things,(stove, bottle, and can can) and plance into position so everthing comes together. Well, it works.

Bill James: Can you try that again  using a little chunk of C-4  for fuel?

Dan Murphy: rocket stove

robomanism: there are about 5 on there for $20

phrankus2009: 1) Raise the height of the Tri-ox bar on the bottom of a car-tin or some other insert, that will put it within an inch (or two) or "closer" to the vessel. 2) Shugmery made a pot-lid, and used the cup rather than the flask ... under 8 minutes using a mini-bongo spirit burner. 3) Wondering is fresh production ESBIT cubes would fare any better. (if the height was properly adjusted / elevated). 4) Turn off the lights ! 5) Thanks !!

scarekrow9: I'd like to know the source for these little stove, if they can sell them for 10 bucks imagine how cheap they would be at cost.

Cliff Wilson: looks like that would be enough to pasturize your water, but cooking is out

PHARRAOH: how tall each,are the cooker and the bottle? also, can you tell me the out side diameter of the cooker please?

MrBillTroop73: My apoligies, I no longer have one to test.

Justin DiPlacido: How come you always use trioxane that is so old, is it no longer made?

MrBillTroop73: The incoming draught certainly helps to cool the glass, and I remember always being able to lift the glass with bare hands, though some warming occurs from radiant rays.

MrBillTroop73: I believe that venting into a circular vessel is dependant upon the diameter of the vessel. Certainly a candle that is deep inside of an un-vented hurricane candle holder burns very well, but is absolutely dependant on external oxygen. If there is a wide enough diameter, convection of the hot gases rising straight up creates the airflow needed to bring fresh oxygen in from the sides.

MrBillTroop73: It would be difficult to say that Triox does not need external oxygen, and that it just supplys its own. I believe triox needs sufficient external oxygen for effecient burning.

MrBillTroop73: I would have gone the other way, feeling that it needs even more oxygen to prevent the sooty, smokey fumes displayed here. However, you pose an interesting concept.....

MrBillTroop73: Its been a long time, so perhaps I dont remember well enough. Perhaps I just used triox with the cup. But still, I dont recall any soot problems with triox in any of my experiment with any stove

MrBillTroop73: very interesting, I have never had a soot problem with Triox.

Hoz Holla: I found a pic of a Borde brochure on the net that shows three different sizes of burners and their applications, one for the Swiss Volcano stove. A fellow said he tried a Borde using the cup and burnt a hole in the side of the aluminum windscreen! But when he used the bottle to hold water the heat diffused and there was no damage,and he was using white gas, not alky.

Hoz Holla: Interesting series with the Swiss Ranger stove. I have it on good account the original stove for this kit is a Borde. Sometime known as the "Borde Bomb. They are still being made in Switzerland although on a very limited basis. You wouldn't by chance, have one would you Hiram?

Hoz Holla: manufactured 9/82. I wonder if Triox has a "use by" date or if it deteriorates with age?

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Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove - Trioxane 5 out of 5

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