KENWOOD UD-90 HIGH END Best Audio System Ever !!

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Dark Knight: It's not HIGH END.

MrDeeky74: Lmao best systems ever??I had to turn on the mute button before my speakers puked & just so you know, Kenwood never even came near such audio names like Denon, Marantz, Nad, Musical Fidelity, Tannoy, B&O, Rogers, Monitor Audio,Yamaha, Shop around buddy & just something else you should know DSP's strangle the sound of proper HiFi, no matter how good they look.

liczychu21: which one is better?

ju: good you like it,but, the best, really? hehe

RyanAndZach YT: You must be kidding! This is mass produced and no where near my sound system.

Panzerlang: I bought this system in 1994 with the rear/satellite speakers. Cost me £1100. Some years later I found the centre-speakers in Cash Converters for £30 and I also added an Aiwa sub-woofer. The main speakers are Omni-Top (three speakers forward, two speakers firing out of the 'roof'). Probably the most awesome system ever created by the hand of man.

Jeremy Clarkson: So crapty...

sf2explus: this is not proper hifi separates 

Yippie: I remember it! This is one of the systems that got me into audio. I had a Sony small system but always dreamed about this Kenwood one. Dual tape deck and equalizer, those were the days. 

Milovan Filipovic: Or you CD sucks, or you don't know how to set equalizer to make sound good. My Kenwood A522-L sound better then this.

David Descheneaux: crap sound system

redriverhautbois: Best audio system ever?  Is that a freaking joke?  This is like the audio equivalent of a Saturn car.  Educate yourself man, Marantz, Sansui, McIntosh, NAD, Luxman, B&W, JBL.  This isn't even the best stuff Kenwood ever made!

MARINLAW2: im sorry its NOT the best . 

Jay Santos: Bose is garbage.

Jay Santos: Nice stereo. I have the UD-351 which came about 2 years later. It's not quite a true separate. The unit split into two. Receiver/tuner and double cassette & 6+1 changer. Stereos back then were awesome. Since most people listened from original CDs the sound is far better than today's hunk of plastic boombox with an ipod. My stereo retailed for $600 and bought it open box for $400 back then. That's almost $1,000 in today's money. Nobody today would think of a mini stereo at that price.

ChepeRober: Where do I get the 6 disc magazine + 1 cd player for this system, does anyone has an extra one?

happy chappie: I got those

liczychu21: Show me harman/kardon like this system..

Videouploader248: nothing beats Harman/Kardon !

Johnny Båsund: It took me 10 Years To make the dream into a reality, about a speaker in the massive stone. Many Thousands of hours of work. Nobody thought I was going to make it. But I'm not there yet, help me to spread the news! In advance, thank you very much for your help! I say, have faith! Read about it on this page Or see it on: / watch? V = Tb_QnnUEQRc good luck! Regards Johnny b

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KENWOOD UD-90 HIGH END best Audio System ever !! 5 out of 5

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