KENWOOD UD-90 HIGH END Best Audio System Ever !!

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Ryan Rivera: You must be kidding! This is mass produced and no where near my sound system.

Yippie: I remember it! This is one of the systems that got me into audio. I had a Sony small system but always dreamed about this Kenwood one. Dual tape deck and equalizer, those were the days. 

ShadowzPower: So crapty...

David Descheneaux: crap sound system

redriverhautbois: Best audio system ever? Is that a freaking joke? This is like the audio equivalent of a Saturn car. Educate yourself man, Marantz, Sansui, McIntosh, NAD, Luxman, B&W, JBL. This isn't even the best stuff Kenwood ever made!

Panzerlang .: I bought this system in 1994 with the rear/satellite speakers. Cost me £1100. Some years later I found the centre-speakers in Cash Converters for £30 and I also added an Aiwa sub-woofer. The main speakers are Omni-Top (three speakers forward, two speakers firing out of the 'roof'). Probably the most awesome system ever created by the hand of man.

sf2explus: this is not proper hifi separates 

Milovan Filipovic: Or you CD sucks, or you don't know how to set equalizer to make sound good. My Kenwood A522-L sound better then this.

J Audio Car audio: im sorry its NOT the best . 

Julio Rojas: KENWOOD UD-90 HIGH END best Audio System ever !!

DreamerTrackmaniafan: @licychu21 hey has this audio system an usb drive ?! and i think my audio system is the best ever (its a Phillips FWM 387/12 with usb, 3disc, tape and DVD player :D)

MerlosMusicOfficial: believe me! my Genelec 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Monitoring System sounds much better!!! :P

liczychu21: yes my friend, you're right, but I've been looking for a long time and no one compact system is nbetter than the ud-90. I've tried all three systems and the clear winner is the ud-90, it is just wonderful and I can not think of a better system. The technology has stood on the highest. In the ch-900 of the tuner is built in cd player, that's nonsense, utter. in the ud-90 is all very clear and symmetrically arranged

liczychu21: Show me harman/kardon like this system..

liczychu21: I do not think that your system is better because the UD-90 git the EISA Award, It does not exist any better mini shelf system like the ud 90. Even onkyo an denon, or yamaha are not better than this, because the capacitors are the best which you can get..

prose: Not to spoil anyone's fun, but there are some other systems from that era that are just so much better looking. Both the Technics and Pioneer Hi-end compact system are just in another league appearance wise. The much south after Technics SC-CH900 is just an epic system that IMHO looks so much better, and came with DPL the exact same year. It also had the same DSP internals and display as the beloved SH-GE90, meaning it had a 25 band very fast moving display.

liczychu21: hello my friend! I painted it in black and the i put aon tampon print the descriptions and logos.. I don't know how can I explain this because it wasnot easy and many work...

Joseph Hernandez: I've got the ud-70 and replaced the speakers with celestions. But yea it's the best sounding mini system I've heard. It sold for over a grand in the early 90s!

liczychu21: Yes, you can also see my UD-70 woth very good Quadral speakers. I have also plugged many speakers on the system an the sound was always excelent..

Steve Nyhuis: Still have mine with Sigma Servo Drive 10" Sub... Sounds better than much more expensive systems. Wish they made a modern version with updated technology.

liczychu21: This is not rigjt! The sound is excellent! Yo can not hear ist from your speakers on your computer..This is true HIFI in high en finish!

liczychu21: I paint the speakers with a Sata-jet 100 Paint pistole. The color is from the car industries...

liczychu21: Yes but today my UD-90 has got much better electronic parts inside..

1001hifi: Very nice system. Is that the original loudspeaker model for this system? I have a SONY system that is white, so I wonder if those speakers are from a white KENWOOD.

ChicagoTRS: :) I have a UD-90....bought it new in 1991...20+ years later and still sounds great. My CD changer stopped working many years ago but single tray still works.

Sandra moya mendoza: this kenwood are super good :-)

playstation2bigs: i have a kenwood hi fi component the speaker sound never fade

Joseph Hernandez: It's a mini-system that puts out 37 watts x 2 and it does sound good. It sold for $1000 USD back in 1990. That is a lot! Have you ever heard one? Also, I currently have a Yamaha Aventage 1010 with a Marantz CD player that I can use as a comparison. It was also made in Japan. If you ever get a chance to listen to one in person then you'll understand and realize why so many people have kept it.

Steve Marks: I bought one of these in 1992, in fact I ordered it and had to wait about 3 months to get it. I think it was £850 new. The first stereo system with Dolby Pro Logic surround system.

Ted Williamson: I have a U90. Is it possible to add a turntable and if so which/what type?

liczychu21: Well, the look is a matter of taste, I think the sc ch-900 looks cheaper Moreover, the sc ch-900 has not got mos-fet amplifier, only a stk- hybrid.and the cd player does not even have a 10 button keyboard Of course, the SC-CH900 is not bad, the sound of Kenwood's much better. The Kenwood UD-90 have really earned the Eisa Award, not technics!?! The sc-ch950 have not many fnctions and a very small display, the cd player of the sc-ch950 have not got an optical output

Jay Santos: Nice stereo. I have the UD-351 which came about 2 years later. It's not quite a true separate. The unit split into two. Receiver/tuner and double cassette & 6+1 changer. Stereos back then were awesome. Since most people listened from original CDs the sound is far better than today's hunk of plastic boombox with an ipod. My stereo retailed for $600 and bought it open box for $400 back then. That's almost $1,000 in today's money. Nobody today would think of a mini stereo at that price.

prose: The story's just the same with EISA. It doesnt mean crap what they say is the the best camera of the year. Anyone who knows anything about photography goes and buys either a Nikon or a Canon. And it might be so that people have different opinions about looks. But good design is always good design. Unfortunately, people dont know what that is. Thats why the nicest looking systems where designed in the 70s. And the nicest compact systems in the first half of the 90s before the market took over.

djmarco450: Bose is better

Videouploader248: nothing beats Harman/Kardon !

Steve Marks: I bought this system new in 1992, I had to wait 2 months after ordering before it came into the shop. It was the first "home" system to have Dolby Pro Logic surround sound. £850 nearly 20 years ago!!

lol GoKu: I got those

liczychu21: the marantz also have the same parts as my system.. so do you think two diffrent cars would drive faster when they have the same engines?

liczychu21: I am sure that you will soon find a UD-70 in USA, Why should I sellone of the systems? I would never get anywhere a good system like this one..

prose: I dont know what made the KENWOOD that special, but other neat features on the CH900 not found on that many other compact systems are optical digital input through Toslink, a tape deck with record level meters with auto level adjust as well as Dolby HX PRO. Appearance the system had a nice brushed aluminum front that had this "vibrant feel" when connected to the outlet. The year after, Technics released the CH750/950 which were actually even nicer.

Diego chico louco: nice sound ... beaultiful speakers ....

liczychu21: HI! YOu must change all the capacitors..than it works like new..

Guadalupe Mateo: Nice.... I have the Kenwood shelf system ud 50.

liczychu21: I have worked many years in a musik Studio...and I have heard many systems...but the kenwood I like most of them because the system is mini an the sound is really great! And sansiu is bankrot..haha

liczychu21: Everybody who watches it or hear it, love this system, xou can belive me. I have listened very famous speakers on it. And I have never heard a better sound than this. Even Mcintosh Amps have not a good sound or have the same good sound like my system.

dill dillor: hi everyone, got an kenwood ud 70, anyone an idea how to switch to digtial( i can´t find a button) i want to plug in a ps3 via toslink, but i don´t know how to switch to this source! the manual isn´t help me either, thx 4 ur help in advance, im glad if anyone could help me

prose: There's really no point in talking about technology. Today the only thing that really matters is the seance of nostalgia, just as with everything else in regards to trends and design. I know that Kenwood has some nice reputation, especially when it comes to ICE. Technics on the other hand, is in the hearts of people much like Atari is. Type in "kenwood T-shirt" in the search field of ebay and you get a handful of hits. Do the same with "Technics t-shirt" and you'll see what i'm talking about.

prose: And by the way, i think the combined CD-player/tuner is genius!. That way all sources are separated from the amplifier. And if i'm not mistaken, this is actually an old Kenwood trick as well. The question is, who was first? =)

dennis hotston: I have a kenwood ud 100 and its still my daily listener. Great product

TheVamp1res: I thought i was the only one thinking like this, but then i saw your comment, Arcam, Marantz, Onkyo etc are high end with quality components & build quality, this Kenwood UD90 is just a very cheaply built mini system that trys to overcompensate for its crap quality by having lots of lights on it & a flashy equalizer but reality is its just another crap 90s mini system with crappy speakers made out of chipboard, the fascia of the system is covered in cheapy plastic buttons with no quality feel

KENWOOD UD-90 HIGH END best Audio System ever !! 3.2 out of 5

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KENWOOD UD-90 HIGH END best  Audio System ever !!
KENWOOD UD-90 HIGH END best Audio System ever !!
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