Honda CB1100 Road Test

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WraithCommander42: I think Thailand has a relatively good reputation as a manufacturer. On the price, I'm guessing that is due to the bike not sharing any parts with other Hondas, so it all had to be engineered from scratch. I'm not endorsing the bike, just trying to give reasons for your concerns.

MyBarry2009: Yes , a ABS would have a good choice or option ? this is 2012

lehrjet31: All i have to say is if I had any room for another bike I would look for low mile ZRX 1100 1200 not $12000 for a retro remake. Oh I really want a ZRX!

MrPomdownunder: That was Honda's traditional racing colour before Sponsors took over, I just bought a CB125E for training- a choice red,white or blue.....I went red !

Danish Flanders: Nice to again see a REAL motorcycle, and not a Plastic-rocket :-)

Simon Sandi: Nice, very nice indeed..both the bike n Guy's review...I started riding in 1982 on a CB350F and I would love to enjoy my retirement life with a CB1100...and ride my dream rides...even my wife loves the look of this new CB...

MrLunithy: Hmmmm I love an over powered couch :) Nice review.

Chris Abraham: What is a better similar bike for people over 6'?

Dave Conrad: I have had the 500 four and 900 four and both were tremendous. I still miss them. I am riding a Harley now but will probably go back to a Honda in-line four. Nicest engine ever built. Thanks for the great review.

hammerki1: I wish Honda would bring this bike to the US.

Graeme Allen: What's the nearest thing for those of us over 6 feet? Honda CB1300? BMW R1200R?

WraithCommander42: Very true. I test rode one about a year ago and didn't like it. It looks good though. I think I'll get a GSX1400 since I like the retro styling but want more power than the CB1100. Only problem will be importing it to the US, they were never sold here.

OMGWUNSIU: I am 6'2". :(

Lucas Freire: que pena que nao vem para o brasil uma linda moto


usgp1: It's cool! $12,000 though? I like my $500 GS1100E with 12,000 miles better.

Stingercam21: I guess that japan's design is for not too tall riders, japanese are not tall people, so that's why the designs are ment to be based on japan' selling market ... is my impression of the low seat this bike has. I own an X11 totally different world ... XX's naked version.

fountaininflames: Nice nice, have they made it available in the UK in the end?

cmscms123456: I owned a CB1100F cost about $2000. At $13,000 I'll wait 2-3 years and buy one used with about 700 miles on it for $2500. Bikes don't have the market they used to, and have awful resale.

hugobear1: damn I love it but I'm 6ft 6

lakecrab: What if you are 6'-1" but getting old and shrinking. Could grow down into the bike.

dualquad426: If this bike comes to the states ( and I hear it will be here in 3 months ) I'm on the list to buy. Finally a semi sport bike built as it should be!And the only one on the market right now

robcig: I agree with the comment if you re over six foot.I saw one the other day looks smaller in the flesh.

wozza59: Arring in the UK in January.... I've just ordered a red one.... Yippeeeeeeee!

hammerki1: If this was available in the US, I'd buy one!

Lee Crt: Honda has nailed the styling on this bike. It looks BETTER than a 69-70 cb750, and that ain't easy for a tribute. The Aussies make a fine 4 into 4 polished 304 S/S exhaust with a wonderful bass note, and that's about all I'll dfo to it in terms of mods. I'm 5'11" 175lbs and I should fit it like a glove.It's an easy, forgiving bike? Sign me up, I have nothing to proove at 57 years of age. Is it March yet?

455Transam: Narrarator should do his homework, the bike has only about 85HP, nowhere near 100.

madmusk33: Looks great, but why shouldn't the bike scare the pants off you a bit? If you want predictable comfort why not a modern sport tourer? The original CB750 was the equivalent of a screaming sport bike in it's day. If they're to be true to the spirit of that bike this one should really take off in a hurry.

neonlittledog: similiar to my 1983 cb1000 custom ,but mine has an extra 5 gears over drive an air shocks dual disc brakes ... only made that one year.

cb900crider: I want to move where you live, or at least bring the bikes back to where I am. I could sell my 1998 Valkyrie tomorrow for $8000

MrSlowestD16: Importing can be a nightmare. Ask all those people who legally imported the R34's just to have dept homeland security confiscate them all. Though yeah, they're nice. . I'd still worry about the high frequency oscillation that the CB1100 has. I'd be weary of that in all 4 banger bikes leaned to piss by BS emissions standards.

opmike343: Also, manufacturers are trying to capture the female market, so we can't forget about them as well. It's all about compromise, and people who are outliers on the bell curve are less likely to have that compromise in their favor unfortunately; and it's not economically feasible to have different sized frames like we see in push bikes.

IWANTALEXUS: Guy really enjoyed your review & perspectives on this CB1100. Per their webpage(s) honda(dot)co(dot)jp(forward slash)CB1100(forward slash)price(forward slash) there are 2 ABS equipped CB1100s. There is the CB1100 Type I ABS & the CB1100 Type II ABS. I truly like the motorcycle & its design philosophy and final concept execution. It's a real shame that Honda for unknown reasons has not seen fit to bring the Honda EBL-SC65 model (CB1100) to the shores of U.K. & U.S. It is available in JP

MrSlowestD16: Guess Guy got his wish, they have optional ABS... . But that being said, for 1000 USD higher in price for it they can shove that ABS... . It's a very nice bike, there's only 2 things that concern me about it. A. I'm not sure how I feel about all the manufacturing being done in Thailand to cut costs, and B. It's expensive as all hell. With the ABS it's the same price as an F700GS w/ ABS, heated grips, and 1000 bucks in OEM hard-case luggage...

1998CB1300SF: (・∀・)イイネ!!

MrSlowestD16: Yeah, bikes as a whole are sold lean to pass emissions in EU and here. The 'custom' trick is what people were doing with skylines for awhile. Ended up failing, I forgot why. Motorcycles in general aren't as heavily regulated so it may be easier to skim it by. Also depends on what it's registered as. Gotta be careful with stuff like that, ends up costing good money.

Sebastien H: when is it available in South Africa? :P

CMB: Great review! Not too verbose--- just perfect.

Harvey Steele: I keep looking for 6th gear.

allmoto: @duncanbayne Hi Yep, still have a GS1000G with a sidecar attached. Have a owned a few 1000s and 1100s over the year - they're great old things.. All the best G

turbo311: want this in USA!

Inna Leonoff: vintage style bike with a modern twist like fi

Carl Miller: No US version:(

Wade Hendrix: Please sell in the USA !!!

Mark Lincoln: At last, an objective review of a motorcycle, especially this one. I would buy this bike tomorrow, if only Honda would bring it to the UK.

BorisW150: I always enjoy your reviews. How about reviewing a Moto Guzzi Griso? Thanks.

RM1LLER: Also in black and white

RicardoSS85: @Stangelycoloured It will, this Autumn.

Bullroarer9876: Hey Guy, just wanted to say your review of this bike was great. Good on you for having the wit to speak well of something that is not just designed for fanging around at a pace most consistent with the Darwin Awards. I just wondered whether it's good fun to ride on , say 10 mile on putty rd ? Sure its not an F6 at 13,000 but will I be awake? Also , have you done a review of the Ducati 1000 Sportclassic? I'm down to these two and I don't like the sound of it "bogging down under 3,000".

peyeum: In Japan, they come in white, black, and also blue as a special version.

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
Honda CB1100 road test 4.7 out of 5

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