Start Up Of 10hp Tecumseh Snow King

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rob kuhnke: @fordwillkillyou Mine runs starts first pull, but weak very weak.

Driewer: @kriegmeister3000 I will agree with you there sir! What a horrible design. I'v never seen one that runs haha!

rob kuhnke: Love these old Tecumseh engines. As long as they aren't 5hp. Those suck ass.

Justin Falcone: freak you, ford wont kill you.

Driewer: @gokartbuyer Your a idiot. You dont know what your talking about. If it threw a rod. It wouldent hurt the operator.

gokartbuyer: @fordwillkillyou its a tecumseh problem number one.number 2 its not worth the gas you put in it.number 3 it will throw a rod eventuallyand proably injure the operator,because of how it is positioned,you can paint a bull`s eye right where the rod will leave the block.

Bobby Flanders: u should mud romp with the bolens y dont u use it for that

anthacdc: tecumseh also still make great engines dont you think

SpiritsoftheWolf: there ya go fordwillkillyou.... got the snowthrower video i told ya about mine is up and running, look just like yours, i will have another 1985 model snowthrower up later... enjoy

Driewer: yup!! thats soo true! I actaully LOVE tecumsehs fuel bowl its really neat theres a little button that you push and it drains the gasoline out of the bowl its really neat briggs should take that idea! thanks for the comment :D

Journeyman: Keep going over them and learning! Every engine I tore apart I think there was something I learned. Great to be a Gear head!

NRP1991: damn bad asss man!!!!

coolbluelights: Cool snowblower! we have a similar one we use at my job, it's got no headlight though.

SpiritsoftheWolf: does it puts out a lot of black smoke? if it does, sound like it got a bad carburetor. what about the spark plug?

Driewer: Yeah thanks! id love to see the video! o btw i cleaned the carb today on this and it was kinda dirty.. but it still dont run any better.. any ideas? Thanks alot! have a good one

SpiritsoftheWolf: anytime dan, i will try to get a video of my snowthrower so you can see the same engine i got like yours

Driewer: true! thanks for the comment it makes perfect sense!

SpiritsoftheWolf: hey crapgeey, as long tecumseh engines have primers on them, they are ok in the wintertime, because it don't get too hot, unlike the summer days

Driewer: ha your funny.. not trying to be mean just showing you my point.. this sat for 3 years! put gas in it, pulled it one time and it fired right up! just showing that there not hard starting.. btw im not trying to make you mad or something so i mean no offense or troubles i hope you have a good one

sean fuctard: they are hard starting

Start up of 10hp Tecumseh snow king 5 out of 5

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